What is Electrum ABC Wallet?

  • This is an eCash wallet software that is forked from Electron Cash, with modifications to facilitate use on the eCash network.
  • This application is for the desktop version only.

For more info, check the link below
- https://www.bitcoinabc.org/electrum/

How to Create and Sweep a Paper Wallet?

Create Paper Wallet

1. Go to the ecash Paper Wallet made by ethanmackie
-Link: https://ethanmackie.github.io/eCashPaperWallet/
I recommend…

Let’s talk first about eCash

eCash (BCHA before)is a cryptocurrency that’s designed to be used as electronic cash. Just like the invention of emails made it possible to send direct messages online, eCash makes it possible to send money directly to other people online. …

Lets discuss first what is YF-Peer.


YF-Peer is defi P2P (peer to peer) governance token on the Ethereum Blockchain. The aim of the YF-Peer is to add value and insurance to the defi space with “YF-PEER”as the residing governance token. …

Do you want to earn crypto (DOGE)? Are you good in posting relevant/informative/good ideas/information?

Then Join Now in Tipestry

What is Tipestry?
Tipestry is social and earning platform, you can tip and earn many different types of cryptocurrencies. Tipestry is more than a social media site — it’s also a universal commenting and tipping system that adds a meta layer on top of the entire web where people can interact and earn money anywhere online.
For more info check — https://tipestry.com/faq

Tipestry Logo

Mihsak Yamato

"If you don't take risk, you can't create a future"

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