Electrum ABC Wallet: Create and Sweep Paper Wallet and Sign a message

What is Electrum ABC Wallet?

  • This is an eCash wallet software that is forked from Electron Cash, with modifications to facilitate use on the eCash network.
  • This application is for the desktop version only.

For more info, check the link below
- https://www.bitcoinabc.org/electrum/

How to Create and Sweep a Paper Wallet?

Create Paper Wallet

1. Go to the ecash Paper Wallet made by ethanmackie
-Link: https://ethanmackie.github.io/eCashPaperWallet/
I recommend creating a wallet in an offline method. Download the source code and install it on the computer
-Source Code: https://github.com/ethanmackie/eCashPaperWallet

2. Move your mouse to generate an eCash (XEC) address or Type some random characters in the textbox to generate the paper wallet.

eCash Paper Wallet

3. Select the design of your paper wallet.

Paper Wallet Design

4. Customize the wallet by Custom XEC Amount and Addresses to generate
- In Advanced Settings, there’s a BIP38 Encrypt that allows you to encrypt your wallet with a password you choose as additional security, but be careful — there is no way to recover your password if you forget it!

Paper Wallet Customization

5. Click the Print Button to give a copy of your paper wallet.
- You can copy your eCash Address and Private Key and Save them.

Sample of eCash Paper Wallet

6. Send XEC to your paper wallet and store it.
- I sent 20 XEC on the paper wallet I created.

Sweep Paper Wallet

  1. Download the latest version of Electrum ABC Wallet. You can choose what installer you prefer to use.
    - Link: https://github.com/bitcoin-abc/ElectrumABC/releases/

2. If you don’t have a wallet create a new wallet or if you want to restore the wallet, import your seed phrase
- Choose the Standard Wallet
- Don’t forget to save and back up your seed phrase and password your wallet in Electrum ABC Wallet

Install Wizard of Electrum ABC wallet
STandard Wallet: Option to Create a Wallet

3. When you open or created a wallet, go to Menu Bar and Click Wallet. Select “Private Keys” and click “Sweep”.

ElectrumABC Wallet GUI: Wallet Menu

4. Enter the private key of the paper wallet and choose the Address to sweep to and click Sweep Button.
- You can also scan QR Code from the camera or screen or upload the read text or image file to get the private key

Sweep Private Keys Form

5. It will redirect to Send tab which has already fill-up all the data.
- Note: The amount of XEC you will receive is lower than the original value because it’s also deducted the fees

Send Tab Form

6. Click Send Button and it will pop information details of the XEC amount to be sent and the fees. Enter your password and click the Ok button. If it’s successfully sent, it will show the information message of your Tx ID.

Succesful Imformation Message

7. Go to the History Tab and check whether the XEC was sent to your wallet or you can check the Tx ID in the eCash explorers like
https://explorer.bitcoinabc.org/ or https://explorer.be.cash/

History Tab: I received the XEC for sweeping a paper wallet

What is Signing Message and Why it’s important?

  • A signing Message is a way to prove to control the address(es) and shows you have ownership of the funds.

How to Scan the Private Key and Sign a Message

  1. Open your Electrum ABC Wallet, Click the File Menu and Click and Restore or use Ctrl+N to create a new wallet.
Open/Restore Wallet using File Menu

2. It will pop up a new form and click Next and select Import Bitcoin Cash Address or Private Keys.
- If you choose Import address or private, it only creates or is considered as a watch wallet

Import Address/Private Keys: Option to Create Wallet

3. Input your ecash addresses or private keys or You can also scan QR Code from camera or screen or upload the read text or image file to get the private key. Click Next Button
- If you want to get a private key or address in a paper wallet, Scan the QR code using the QR scanner app or website and get the code.

Import Address(es) or Private Key(s)

4. Enter your password and click Nex. You created a watch wallet now.
- I recommend adding a password for security

Create Password for the wallet

5. Go to Tools Menu and select Sign/Verify Message.

ElectrumABC Wallet GUI: Tools Menu

6. It will pop up a form and fill-up the form. First, fill up the Message and Address Field and click Sign Button. It will pop up a form and enter your password.
- Address: Enter the import ecash Address you used or You can find it in the Address Tab in the wallet. In paper wallet You can find it on the right side corner — Remove the prefix word ecash:

Sign/Verify Message: Checking for Signing
Sign/Verify Message: Signature Generated

7. If it is successful, it will generate a Signature in the signature field and click Verify.

SIgnature Verified

- In Steps 2 and 3 Images in “How to Scan the Private Key and Sign a Message” , it was indicated as Bitcoin Cash Address. Hope the developers change it to an eCash Address.
- If you want to contribute new wallet designs of paper wallets. Here’s the link https://github.com/ethanmackie/eCashPaperWallet/blob/main/STYLEGUIDE.md